You are currently viewing Top 15 best Gymnastics movies on Netflix To Watch In 2023

Top 15 best Gymnastics movies on Netflix To Watch In 2023

Sports Enthusiasts have a unique space in their hearts for Gymnastics sports as it is very graceful and amazing.

If you are also crazy about Gymnastics and have that respect for the people who are putting their hard work into their craft then you should definitely watch some best Gymnastics movies on Netflix.

 We have heard somewhere and truly believe in that it is very hard to put efforts make by gymnastics into words.

But some directors have beautifully crafted their journey in their gymnastics movies list and the great stories behind their determination.

So, in that regard, we have curated a list of Netflix Gymnastics Movies that you can stream anytime. 

 If you have a question in mind, where to watch gymnastics? then we have brought many video platforms for you like Hulu, Pureflix, Peacock, Philo, Paramount Plus, Disney, and Amazon Prime but Netflix is the most popular and trusted one available in almost every metro city. Last but not least, there are many gymnastics movies on Disney Plus as well.

You will see many celebrities collaborating with this platform and Amazon Prime after that for their promotions or even release their shows as well.

The subscription cost is affordable and the interface is user-friendly.  You can start binge-watching with your near and dear ones.

Top 15 best Gymnastics Movies on Netflix | Gymnastic Films on Netflix

 Raising the Bar (2016)

 This is the story of 16-year-old Kelly who is a gymnastics enthusiast.

She is passionate about the sport and even she takes part in the elite gymnastics program in America but unfortunately, she has to quit that opportunity and shift to Australia because of her father’s transfer in the job. 

But somewhere deep down her, evil was alive, and she discovers it when she befriends a girl who tore her ACL.

Kelly re-enters competitive gymnastics and struggles to find a way to move forward and she promises herself this time after bearing a loss from her past and making strict amends.

Raising the Bar’s first two movies was about the same characters based on gymnastics enthusiasm. If you are a true fan then it is highly recommended to binge-watch both movies.


 Director: Clay Glen

Writers:  Pirie Martin, Clay Glen, Jarrad Bhatia

Star Casts: Kelli Berglund, Tess Fowler, Lili Karamalikis


Going For Gold (2018)

 This movie is about 17-year-old Emma who moves to Australia with her father who is a former Air Force Officer and joins the cheerleading team.

This movie is the second part of Raising the Bar having the same characters Emma and Hannah.

Meanwhile, The story is about Emma and Hannah who teamed up to teach the art of cheerleading to beginners.

This movie is not entirely based on gymnastics but still, it is a part of the list of Best Gymnastic Movies on Netflix as the concept of the movie follows with the genre.

 Director: Clay Glen

Writers: Kristian Leadbeater. Clay Glen

Star Casts: Kelli Berglund, Terry Rogers, Emily Morris

 A Second Chance (2011): A Second Chance Gymnastics Academy

 This is the third movie in the list of Best Gymnastic Movies on Netflix.

This gymnastics movies for kids is a second chance movie, about a young girl nearly 12 years old with her teammates who are trying to overcome the obstacles that come in the way of winning a place in the National Australian Gymnastics Squad and they do so with the help of a new coach.

Just like the earlier two movies, this movie is also based on settling in Australia but also about a different universe and different characters.

Director: Clay Glen

Writer: Clay Glen

Star Casts: Adam Tuominen, Nina Pearce, Emily Morris

 The Horse Dancer (2017)

This movie is one of the most unique ones based on gymnastics because how it places different themes in a single movie deserves applause.

It is very interesting to see gymnastics and horses in a single plot.

This movie is about Samantha Wick, a renowned name in the field of gymnastics, who unfortunately gets cut from the Olympic team and later on, decided to follow her dream of horseback riding and joined a girl horse camp.

The camp she joined was facing some financial trouble and also received threats to shut this camp down.

It’s when Samantha regained her interest in gymnastics and uses her skills to The Horse Dancer Team to raise funds and save the camp.

 Director: Joel Paul Reisig

Writer: Mike Davidson

Star Casts: Richard Karn, Sophie Bolen, Jason London

 Full Out (2015)

  Full Out is based on the true story of California gymnast Ariana Berlin.

As this 14-year-old girl was zoned in on her Olympic goal, she met with a deliberating car accident and her career took a sharp turn after this incident as she was out of the game.

She started learning hip-hop dance later on to get her movement and confidence back.

And that is how she found a way to go back to the gymnastic world with the help of UCLA Coach Valorie Kondos Field.

With the help of a coach, Ariana was able to book a spot in ULCA gymnastics teams and eventually ended up winning the NCAA Championship.

She was able to make it what she had always dreamed of. These Best Gymnastic Movies on Netflix is a very inspiring story that is a result of having patience, working consistently, and finally achieving what you always wanted.

 Director: Sean Cisterna

Writers: Willem Wennekers, Beth Iley, Jay Deverett

Star Casts: Ana Golja, Sarah Fisher, Jennifer Beals


Chalk it Up (2016)

 If you have already watched this movie in the past then you must know that this movie definitely does not signify women’s empowerment as it shows that the girl is making efforts to get her ex’s attention.

But this movie will definitely surprise you with the gymnastics skills wonderfully portrayed in the movie with some twists along the way.

This movie follows the story of a girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend and in order to prove her worth in front of him or to impress him, she discovers that there is something more about being a gymnast than trying to win a heart of a boy.

 Director: Hisonni Mustafa

Writers: Maddy Curley, Brooke Buffington

Star Casts: John DeLuca, Maddy Curley, Nikki SooHoo

  The Gabby Douglas Story (2014)

 The Gabby Douglas is another real-life inspiration movie in the list of Best Gymnastic Movies on Netflix.

This is the real story of the first Black Gymnast Gabby Douglas, who become the all-around champion and the first American gymnast to win a gold medal in a team competition and as an individual.

This lady has to go through many sacrifices while getting training from her coach Liang Chow so that she could make the whole of America proud and win the 2012 Olympics.

Director: Gregg Champion

Writers: Sterling Anderson, Maria Nation

Star Casts: Regina King, Sydney Mikayla, Imani Hakim

  Destination: Team USA (2016)

 Destination: Team USA (2016) is not only about gymnastics but in general about all sports.

However, it does have a part related to gymnastics and if you are a sports fan in general, this movie is for you.

You will see how people took the path to represent America in the Olympics and it is very inspiring though.

This movie is about 5 dreams of different people who united together in their pursuit to win something big in the Olympics.

 Director: Adam Hootnick

Writer: Adam Hootnick

 Star Casts: Cam F. Awesome, Andrea Duke, Dartanyon Crockett


 An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars (2012)

This movie is the best one in the list of Best Gymnastic Movies on Netflix as there are all little girls dreaming about becoming gymnastics.

The little girl barely in her teens performs so well in the movie, her determination looks so real in the movie.

She is facing problem in reading but she focuses on her strength and tries to overcome the challenges she is facing.

And she is having a strong vision of becoming an Athlete.

Director: Vince Marcello

Writers: Jessica O’Toole, Mary Casanova, Amy Rardin

Star Casts: Kerris Dorsey, Jade Pettyjohn, Nia Vardalos

 Standing Ovation (2010)

   This movie is about a group of friends competing in a national tween video contest to win one million dollars.

Despite having limited resources, these kids use their passions and skills to create their dance numbers.

They enter into a world of original songs, never seen dance performances and hilarious adventures.

You will start recalling your childhood memories.

Standing Ovation is not only about gymnastics but it is more about dancing.

And dancing and gymnastics have many things in common which is why this movie is part of this list. You will still love this movie if you are a fan of gymnastics.

Director: Stewart Raffill

Writer: Stewart Raffill

Star Casts: Ashley Cutrona, Devon Jordan, Erika Corvette


Athlete A (2020)

Athlete A is an amazing documentary movie that usually stands at the top of the list. This movie is not approachable to everyone as it involves many controversies. But it is a must-watch in the list of  Best Gymnastic Movies on Netflix.

 This movie follows the story of a reporter from the Indianapolis Star, who exposes the toxic culture in USA gymnastics. And they also bring  Dr. Larry Nassar into the limelight as he sexually abuses young gymnasts. This is where the controversy begins that is why this movie is not user-friendly to all.

 Directors: Jon Shenk, Bonni Cohen

Star Casts: Gina Nichols, Maggie Nichols, John Nichols

 A State Of Mind (2005) 

 A State Of Mind is another controversial movie in the list of Best Gymnastic Movies on Netflix.

This documentary movie is based on gymnastics and people who are interested in knowing the reason behind the stories should definitely watch this film.

This movie is about the North Korean gymnastics festival that is two months long. These games hold a special place in Korean’s hearts but they put a lot of pressure on women to play this game.

This movie follows the interview of two girls who are preparing for this game and eight months were remaining at that time in 2003.

The filmmakers take interview of two girls with their families to know what actually happened at that time to perform in one of the biggest North Korean Sports Events.

Director: Daniel Gordon

Writer: Daniel Gordon

Star Casts: Hyon Sun Pak, Song Yun Kim, Daniel Gordon

 A Second Chance: Rivals (2019)

 A Second Chance: Rivals is the sequel of the A Second Chance film released in the year 2011. This movie takes you on a ride where you will discover the main character’s second chance as a gymnast.

 This movie is about a girl who was not able to qualify for Australian gymnastics but she decides to inspire other younger gymnasts by giving them coaching. This is how she rediscovers her passion for gymnastics.

 Director: Clay Glen

Writer: Clay Glen

Star Casts: Stella Shute, Emily Morris, Carmel Johnson

 Bring It On (2000)

This movie is properly not based on gymnastics but on cheerleading, which is full of stunts that are quite similar to gymnastics. This movie follows a High School Cheerleading squad who are confident enough to win National Championship Trophy.

They, later on, discover that their best practice of daily routine has been stolen by a hip-hop group from a rival school. This is where the controversy begins from.

 Director: Peyton Reed

Writer: Jessica Bendinger

Star Casts: Eliza Dushku, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Bradford

 Bring it On:  All or Nothing (2006)

 This is the story of a girl who in High School is the Captain of the cheerleader’s team who is at the peak of her career and also dating a star of the football team.

But one day, that girl with her family has to relocate to a somewhat ghetto area. And she is not able to fit in the area. Now, she has to decide whether to hold on to the older life or start a new one.

 Director: Steve Rash

Writer: Alyson Fouse

Star Casts: Jake McDorman, Hayden Panettiere, JoJo Wright


This is the list of  Best Gymnastic Movies on Netflix and we have mentioned all the possible movies in this list. These gymnastic movies on Netflix will not let you leave your seat and you will definitely enjoy it with your friends.

But if you think that there is any movie missing from the list or if you want to add some value to the list then feel free to comment down below.  

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