10 Best Adam Sandler Movies on Hulu Watch Now

Adam Richard Sandler was born on 9th September 1966.

He is an American actor, comedian, musician, singer, producer, and screenwriter.

He is primarily known as the comedic leading actor in the films.

He has received various accolades including a Screen Actors Guild Award, Five Primetime Emmy Awards, A Golden Globe Award and three Grammy Awards.

At the beginning of his career, he was appointed as a cast member in the NBC Sketch Comedy series Saturday Night Live.

He then gets the opportunity to act in various Hollywood movies.

Most of his movies are pretty popular as he always chooses iconic roles.

Sandler has made a hell lot of money in his career. He had an estimated net worth of $420 million in 2020.

Although he doesn’t need any introduction but for those who heard about him for the first time.we have gathered such important information about him.

Along with that, We have curated a list of Adam Sandler movies that are available on Hulu.

Hulu is a video streaming platform available only for the residents of the United States.

The monthly subscription of this platform is very affordable. If you belong to some other country than the United States, you can still access this platform by using VPN services. 

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10 Best Adam Sandler Movies on Hulu 

50 First Dates (2004)

This is the first movie in the list of Adam Sandler movies on Hulu.

This is the story of Henry Roth, who lives in Hawaiian Paradise, where endless women accompany him with no strings attached. His life changed when he meet Lucy Whitmore.

Both Henry and Lucy start hanging out together, they like each other’s company and feel the start of a serious relationship occurring.

When he approaches Lucy the next day, she fails to recognize him.

Then he discovers that Lucy actually suffers from short-term memory loss and can’t remember each day.

Henry won’t let this stop him from loving her, he prepared himself make her fall for him each and every day all over again.

Director: Peter Segal

Writer: George Wing

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Drew Barrymore

You Don’t Mess with Zohan (2008)

You don’t mess with Zohan is an American movie released in the year 2008.This movie is surrounded by the Mosad FInest Agent  Zohan Dvir, who belongs to the Israeli army.

Due to various reasons, He fakes his death and settled down in New York City to follow his passion to become a Hairstylist in the stylist hair saloon of the beautiful Palestinian, Dalia and things start working in his favor, until the man from his past blows the cover.

Now, Zohan must give all his effort to maintain his lifestyle, and in the meantime, he is also trying to win his boss’s heart 

Director: Dennis Dugan

Writers: Robert Smigel, Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Emmanuelle Chriqui, John Turturro

The Longest Yard (2005)


The Longest Yard is a comedy-drama released in the year 2005 in the list of Adam Sandler movies on Hulu and you are definitely going to enjoy this movie with your friends and family.

This movie is surrounded by Paul Crewe, who is a former football player, very famous back in his days.

When a messy drunk driving incident landed him in a jail, he finds that Warden Hazen, a duplicitous prison official who knows about his athletic skills, specifically requested him to train a team how to play a football game.

Later on, Paul has been assigned the task of assembling a team of convicts to square off them in a big football game against sadistic guards.

It’s the only warden and the guard who has no idea against whom they are playing, with Paul, the driving force behind the team.

Director: Peter Segal

Writers: Tracy Keenan Wynn (1974 screenplay), Sheldon Turner (screenplay),  Albert S. Ruddy (story)

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Burt Reynolds

Anger Management (2003)

The contribution of Peter Segal as a director and Adam Sandler as an actor in this movie is quite great as observed in other movies as well.Anger Management is one of those movies released in the year 2003.

This movie is surrounded by mil mannered timid businessman Dave Buznik who works for a pet clothing company out of New York City.

He is frustrated by his abrasive boss named Mr. Frank Head who takes all his credit of his work and steps on him in return.

He has got a lovely girlfriend Linda, whose best friend is her ex-boyfriend, Andrew.

But when a misunderstanding creates a disaster in his life, then Dave is ordered by a court to undergo anger management therapy under the supervision of Dr Buddy Rydell, who himself is an unpredictable psychopathic character.

It will be fun to watch how Dave will be able to manage his anger.

Director: Peter Segal

Writer: David Dorfman

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Marisa Tomei, Jack Nicholson

Punch Drunk Love (2002)

If you love adult comedy with dark humor, then this movie is the perfect suggestion for you. Punch Dark Love is filled with many punch lines but it will also show you the consequences of going beyond the limit.

This movie is based on a pervert businessman Barry Egan, the only male in eight siblings and he is treated poorly by his overbearing sisters.

He lives a solitary life that allows his violent outburst when he is frustrated.

He stucks between two people who is pulling him in two different directions.

The first one is Lena Leonard, a friend of his sister Elizabeth, who is attracted to Berry but he is slow to realize it and he wants her to make the first move.

Eventually, Lena let Berry come out of his shell and she still sticks around due to his obvious problems.

His new relationship with Lena was going good until threatened by the second, Georgia, who he contacted in an effort to deal with his loneliness.

Watch this hilarious movie in the list of Adam Sandler movies on Hulu to know how Berry will deal with this situation and he will he come out of it. Will he tell Lena about Georgia?

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Writer: Paul Thomas Anderson

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Emily Watson

Jack and Jill (2011)


Adam Sandler is quite famous and a wonderful actor. He proved himself again in this movie as well where he plays the dual role as twin siblings.

This movie is surrounded by Jack Sadeltein who works in an advertising firm, visits her twin sibling Jill from the Bronx for the thanksgiving party.

Jack felt very irritated by her sister who plans to stay at Hanukkah.

What happens next is quite interesting. You will love to see the bond between the two siblings.

Director: Dennis Dugan

Writers:   Adam Sandler (screenplay), Steve Koren (screenplay), Ben Zook (story)

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Al Pacino, Katie Holmes

Billy Madison (1995)

It is one of the oldest and the very first hit in the career of Adam Sandler, which is why this movie is mentioned in the list of Adam Sandler movies in Hulu.  

Billy Madison is a classic comedy movie released in the year 1995, you must watch this movie if you want to laugh out hard.

This story is about 27-year-old Billy Madison, whose father is the head of a major hotel chain.

Even though he is groomed enough to replace his father, who is about to retire but he is not extremely mature and unmotivated in life.

Later on, his father considers making Eric Gordon (whom Billy despises)  his new replacement. It’s then when Billy decided to prove himself eligible for the position.

He must repeat grade school all over again ( two weeks for each grade) to take charge of the hotel’s empire. The further Billy progresses, the more his father derails him.

Director: Tamra Davis

Writers: Adam Sandler, Tim Herlihy

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Darren McGavin

Grown Ups 2

After having the greatest times of their life, Lenny wants to relive those moments so he decides to take his family to his hometown so that his family can enjoy the rest of their lives living with the gang of his childhood friends and their kids.

You will not stop laughing while watching this hilarious drama starring Adam Sandler again.

Grown ups 2 is basically a sequel of Grown ups, released in the year 2010. It is an action comedy movie about a middle-aged man who wishes to relive the glory of their childhood. 

Director: Dennis Dugan

Writers: Adam Sandler (based on characters created by), Tim Herlihy, Fred Wolf (based on characters created by)

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James

Just Go with it (2011)

Just go with it is a rom-com movie, that revolves around the story of Dany who is a Plastic Surgeon, who requests his faithful assistant to pretend as his soon-to-be ex-wife in front of his very young and hot girlfriend, Palmer.

He lied to her that he is married and soon to get divorced. Now, to keep the woman he loves, he has to lie every time to cover up the first lie he spoke to her.

This movie has lots of funny and romantic moments that will make you fall in love with Adam Sandler.

One of the best Adam Sandler movies on Hulu, that is made for the one perfect night with your partner.

Director: Dennis Dugan

Writers: Timothy Dowling (screenplay), I.A.L. Diamond (screenplay “Cactus Flower”), Allan Loeb (screenplay)

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Brooklyn Decker, Jennifer Aniston

Spanglish (2004)

Spanglish is another romantic story in the list of Adam Sandler movies on Hulu that showcases the story of a woman and her daughter who moves to the United States from Mexico in search of a better life.

Both of them start working for a Celebrity chef whose wife is very insecure.

If you are someone who likes to watch a rom-com movies with great dialogue delivery, then this movie is for you.

Director: James L. Brooks

Writer: James L. Brooks

Star Casts: Adam Sandler, Paz Vega, Téa Leoni


In this article, We have talked about one of the renowned artists, Adam Sandler who is known for the comedic characters he played in the past.

In fact, all of his movies were a huge success and you should definitely watch them on Hulu.


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